Paris is only two hours from London by Eurostar, but for British tourists who love culture it’s like another world. There’s no language barrier in arts such as dance, opera, music and galleries yet the real obstacle is a lack of knowledge.

The British aren’t really aware of what’s happening in French culture. Why not? Quite simply because French institutions are not reaching out to the British media: people don’t usually hear about the latest French show or the hot-ticket Paris exhibitions.

Arts Europe, headed by a trilingual arts journalist now in public relations, is there to tackle this communication problem. Its services, designed for cultural institutions (museums, galleries, theatres and festivals) as well as cultural PR agencies, will help your message to reach British arts lovers and will raise the profile of your organisation in the English-speaking world.

It can target publicity for you in the British media, or make your website more English-user-friendly, and help you to reach a much wider audience.